Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trifid Up Close

The Trifid Nebula is very unique. It has a red portion where stars are actively being formed inside a cloud of heated hydrogen gas, and a cold blue portion where the light is simply reflected from the stars. I have captured most of it in this close up I did with My Stellarvue 80mm refractor, using my Orion DSCI. Once again, I do not remember the stats. I must get better at that. This is from a series of test shots I did to test out using a Minus Violet filter with a one-shot color camera and an achro refractor. It seems to work pretty well, other than a slight color imbalance. Only a few stars are bloaty blue. For the newbies out there, a big blue-violet ring around the bright stars is the bane of an achromatic refractor. A minus violet filter is made to help get rid of it, but they are normally a visual filter and not a photographic filter.

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