Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Deer Lick Group

Yes, I know it is a strange name for a galaxy group, it bears no resemblance to a licking deer. It is named for Deer Lick Gap, if I remember correctly. The Large galaxy is called NGC 7331, or the Deer Lick Galaxy. The other smaller galaxies are all part of the group, but I do not know their names. I took this as part of a test of my scope to make sure I got the focuser squared on straight. I shot it with my Orion DSCI 1, 29 subs all unguided at 30 seconds. It was taken through my Meade SN10 running at F4. The wind was pretty breezy, so my stars look kind of blobby from the scope bouncing around.

I shot it about 20:45 on today's date.

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