Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Barred Spiral M109

Here is a shot of the faint Barred Spiral Galaxy M109. This galaxy is one of the few barred spirals you can see visually using an 8 inch scope. It is said, our Milky Way galaxy looks a lot like this one.

It is very faint, and could really use more integration time.

Scope: Celestron C6-SE sct
F-Ratio: F6.3
Mount: LXD 75
Filters: UV/IR only
Stack: 8 thirteen minute images


Seeing Eye Chick said...

Skunkapoluza! HA! We are looking into buying our first larger telescope. Right now we just have a small one for looking at the moon. The kids love it though. Any suggestions?

NMIlluminati said...

Orion Telescopes has quite a few reasonably priced telescopes aimed towards beginners and children.

I would go for something like a six inch reflector on a dobsonian mount if you are mostly wanting to look at stuff visually with your kids. If you are REALLY serious, scale it up to an eight inch.

A good six inch will show you a little of everything. I started out with a home-made six inch reflector about 15 years ago.