Saturday, January 3, 2009

Focus on Eye Candy

One more shot from the new scope. Here is a close up of the focuser. I can't speak better of it. It is totally custom machined by a fellow in Utah. It was about $160 total, but I would have paid much more for an item like this. It rotates, and has compression rings built into the drawtube. It can also support camera weights beyond 4lbs, from what I understand. The only thing it is missing is a hook-up for a focus motor. May not be a Moonlight, but the coolness factor is definitely up there. That and the fact it looks plain mean and nasty on this black scope. The photos do not do it justice.

You can get one too buy emailing them at He also sells on Ebay. If you order one, remember you are buying from a person, and not an assembly line business, so it may take a bit for it to be assembled and shipped. It is well worth the wait, though.

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